Improve security. Reduce costs.

Swimlane automates security operations for enterprise teams.

Security operations continues to be an on-going battle between cyber attackers and defenders, with defenders being responsible for larger, more complex and constantly targeted environments.  Organizations spend thousands of man hours every year completing repetitive and time consuming tasks.  Businesses spend countless hours gathering and manipulating data in spreadsheets, creating charts, filling out PDF forms, entering data in web portals, emailing reports and manually copying and pasting data from one application to another. This work is generally being completed by expensive, senior security staff that should be monitoring, investigating and responding to security events.  This process of event and data management is time consuming, and in the end unsustainable, as threats and attacks are on the rise, and the amount of effort is increasing when it needs to be leveling out.  What is the value of a new security detection or monitoring capability if no one is available to respond to the information and events that it captures?

Swimlane enables organizations to;

  • Automate Security Response
  • Increase Situational Awareness
  • Achieve Earlier Kill Chain Response
  • Optimize Staff and Reduce Costs
  • Provide Real-time Visibility and Oversight
  • Enable Expert Threat Response


Phoenix Data Security is Swimlane Platinum Partner, Reseller and Professional Services partner.