Empowering organizations with streamlined security operations

Phoenix Data Security is dedicated to empowering enterprises and government agencies through streamlining and automating their security operations and incident response processes. As consultants to some of the world’s largest companies and government organizations, the team recognized the limitations of existing security operations management tools and the need for a purpose-built solution.

Focused on the needs of our current clients, our solutions are designed to help organizations automate their security operations, while allowing them to continue to leverage their own internal processes. Manual security processes are traditionally modeled in process flow diagrams and stored in physical binders, ticketing systems or spreadsheets. Now with Phoenix Data Security’s, Security Operations Orchestration Automation and Reporting Solutions, our customers rapidly resolve security alerts, capture key performance metrics, generate insightful real-time dashboards and rapidly deploy proactive security protections — automatically with orchestration technologies.

Phoenix Data Security provides these solutions, via:

  • Standard Product Licensing, Deployment, Integration and Sustainment Services
  • Security Process Outsourcing: Orchestration and Automation consumed per security process