Data Protection

With data moving out of the corporate network and out to third party cloud providers, the increased use of BYOD mobile devices, data breaches reaching $214 per record and unprecedented numbers of breaches occurring each year, it is apparent that the method being deployed by most organizations to protect data need to change. The change to the security paradigm is data centric security, protections and compliance that is focused on the contents of a file, not just the system that stores it. Phoenix represents not only the technical delivery expertise, but strategic though leadership in the data centric security arena. Phoenix’s holistic approach to end-to-end data security is not provided by any single technology, but is a blended technological and programmatic approach to provide to data protection.

Phoenix can help organizations complete all the necessary steps to develop, implement and operate a successful data security program including;

  • Define a formal data security program and policy
  • Develop measurements to manage, track and improve the program
  • Select and deploy technology that is focused on protecting and detecting mishandled data
  • Create process and procedure, as well as automate compliance and protection
  • Read about our most recent case study support a large DoD agency here.