Why Choose Phoenix?

Security Orchestration and Automation

Phoenix Data Security is dedicated to empowering enterprises and government agencies through streamlining and automating their security operations and incident response processes. Focused on the needs of our current clients, our solutions are designed to help organizations automate their security operations, while allowing them to continue to leverage their own internal processes.

Swimlane Custom Application Development

Security operations continues to be an on-going battle between cyber attackers and defenders, with defenders being responsible for larger, more complex and constantly targeted environments. Process execution can require countless hours gathering and manipulating data in spreadsheets, creating charts, filling out PDF forms, entering data in web portals, emailing reports and manually copying and pasting data from one application to another. Swimlane custom applications can automate security and IT operational tasks for your team.

Data Protection

The change to the security paradigm is data centric security, protections and compliance that is focused on the contents of a file, not just the system that stores it. Phoenix represents not only the technical delivery expertise, but strategic thought leadership in the data centric security arena. Phoenix’s holistic approach to end-to-end data security is not provided by any single technology, but is a blended technological and programmatic approach to provide to data protection.